In this week’s charity Service Spotlight, Jennifer Hurst of Gillis takes a few minutes to provide some insight into one of Kansas City’slargest at-risk children organizations.

Q: Why is Gillis important to volunteer with? What is the organization’s mission?

A: Our mission is to help at-risk children and families reach their potential through counseling, education and social services. In choosing to volunteer with Gillis, you are choosing to help children heal from trauma by providing positivity and hope.

Q: For those that don’t know, who do you serve?

A: We serve over 4,300 individuals each year. We serve children and families over eight metro counties.

Q: As far as what Gillis provides, can you give the readers an insight into the services and programs offered?

A: We offer residential care for children, emergency shelter for children, a day treatment school for children and we work in homes with hundreds of families through our community-based program.

Q: Looking forward, what is the future for Gillis? Any special projects or upcoming events that you are excited about?

A: We would like the ability to expand our emergency shelter services as well as offer new opportunities through our day treatment school and residential care. We recently built a brand new deck onto one of our buildings and next we would like to renovate some class rooms as well as our boy’s bedrooms.  We have our school carnival this month and the holiday season is here.  We need lots of help providing Christmas to the hundreds of families we serve.

Q: Lastly, for you personally, what do you enjoy most about working at Gillis? Why is it important to you?

A: I absolutely love our kids. I feel so honored to be a part of giving kids hope for their future and healing from their past. I love that Gillis works with families so that we are ensuring that our work with the children we serve will be a success.


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