Community Development

We partner with organizations across sectors to build structures, systems, and support that create lasting solutions to social issues on a larger scale. Using our time-tested formula — inform, strategize, organize, and activate — we provide collaborative leadership focused on collective goals, strategic partnerships, and shared action and accountability. Check out some of our work below, and then schedule a consultation to discuss ways we can work together. 

Criminal Justice Reform

We’ve created a grassroots diversion program to organically address the systemic inequalities that currently plague our country — watch 13th’ for background information. This upstream solution is proven to reduce the rate of repeat convictions, provide financial relief for city systems, and assist defendant rehabilitation — all while supporting local nonprofits.

World Building KC 2040

Thanks to a partnership with Origami Air, we provide a state-of-the-art, 3D World Building process that virtually reimagines the Kansas City community 20 years in the future. We then utilize our community development services and Discovery Education Program to develop social projects that will bring that virtual world to life, including the redesign of education, social justice, and healthcare systems. Schedule a consultation to learn more.

Digital Equity Task Force

The internet is essential to take care of life’s basic needs, like working remotely, social security benefits, and getting an education. Unfortunately many people, especially kids, don’t have reliable or affordable access. In the past, we have worked with the KC Coalition for Digital Inclusion and William T. Kemper Foundation to bridge this ever-widening divide. Schedule a consultation to learn more.

Liberty Mental Health Alliance

We manage an alliance of companies, schools, civic groups, and nonprofits in Liberty, Missouri who are working to identify, connect, and enhance mental health resources for youth and adults within their community. The vision is simple — build a community where people have direct access to mental health resources.

We Look forward to connecting with you

For general questions, please contact us at 816-721-5529 or [email protected]

We Look forward to connecting with you

For general questions, please contact us at 816-721-5529 or [email protected].

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