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Thanks to past support from the Verizon Foundation, Uncover KC developed an experiential 3D World Building program that allows students to virtually reimagine their communities 20 years in the future. Students then utilize UKC programming to create social projects that will help bring those virtual worlds to life.


With the help of partners like Origami Air, students are introduced to a wide variety of VR applications and World Building practices. At the same time, they immerse themselves in strategic research and community outreach, before eventually developing and implementing real-world service projects through the UKC Discovery Education program.

Program Objectives & Partners

Cohort Options


Over the span of 3-4 semesters, students completely reimagine a specific area of their community 20 years from now. This process includes regular in-person and VR sessions to develop virtual blueprints in year one followed by tangible, authentic service projects in year two.


Extending over 1-2 semesters, students complete a similar redesign of a specific area in the future. Students then participate in in-person and VR sessions to build a blueprint and brainstorm possible service projects for others to complete.


Also lasting 1-2 semesters, students will visit a completed World Build with the chance to add or modify the existing artifacts. Regular in-person and VR sessions available as students discuss societal issues and complete hands-on micro-projects or simulations.


Cohorts can be customized to fit within a variety of variables such as length, scope and resources available. A workable solution for internships and client connected projects that may have limited capacity.

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