Knowledge is power. The cliché has been washed, rinsed and reused over and over again because it’s true. Yet, at times, the adage simply falls short.

In truth, knowledge is power, but is powerless without action.

“However, the average homeless person is a child or young adult. What we are talking about are students who … are sleeping in shelters, on couches and even in the streets.”

I didn’t realize that until my mid-20s. Growing up, I knew people were suffering. I saw the street beggars — the hungry, homeless and hurting. Yet, I rarely did anything about it. I had the knowledge of those in need, some desperately searching for help, but I did nothing about it.

It wasn’t until I had a change in my heart, a touch from God so to speak, that I understood my foolishness. Caring is about more than just saying you want to help. It’s the action behind that talk which matters — caring is action.

I know that’s a simple realization, but one that’s forgotten every hour of every day of every year. And because of that we need reminders. Thanks to Jerry Lamartina and the Kansas City Star, we have a great refresher this week to why we volunteer.

Take five minutes and read Lamartina’s feature in last week’s local paper. Then, do something about it. Parlay the emotions you feel into something that is greater than yourself. Contact us or the organizations themselves in this story and find out how you can help.

You have the knowledge, now take the power — get involved.


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