Hope Faith Ministries empowers less fortunate


Imagine not having any money in your pockets, food to feed your family or a place to call home. Hope Faith Ministries (HFM) has devoted the last 11 years to helping those in need by preparing and empowering individuals living in Kansas City.

It’s their mission to teach the people how to get back on their feet and regain their independence. They equip men, women and children with the necessary skills to do this. They also assist with their food, clothing, medical and spiritual needs.

HFM is making a big impact in our community. Last year, alone, they served over 200,000 hot meals and provided more than 10,000 people with clothing and hygiene products. Thirty-eight of their interns graduated from the Transitional Internship Program, where they learned job-readiness and life skills to take on their dreams.

The charity is looking for volunteers to help prepare and serve food, sort clothing and furniture, and tidy up the garden. They will accommodate almost all ages, as long as you are willing to help. Individuals and groups up to 25 are encouraged to sign up for 2-3 hour time slots.  If you are interesting in volunteering, or know someone who may be able to assist, please contact us at [email protected] to sign-up.

Hope Faith Ministries empowers less fortunate Consultation

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