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Back in 2013, The Call KC was forged with a simple charge — connect compassionate people with the charitable organizations that needed them. We believed that if we made it easy to volunteer, more people would and thus we could make a genuine, positive impact on our society.

Ten thousand volunteers and 30,000 service hours later, that belief has been proven correct. Yet what we didn’t realize when we started was the extent of which people would choose to give back.

So while our main focus was — and still is — motivating and mobilizing volunteers, we’ve learned to embrace the power of growing community service through events, education, shopping, awareness and much more.

And thus The Call KC evolved. No longer did we just call you to serve, but we called you to act in whatever form or fashion fit best in your life and passions.

It also just so happened that this evolution coincided with our KC2040 partnership, which leads to today’s exciting news — we’ve officially merged to form Uncover KC. Uncover KC is the culmination of years of working in the heart of our communities, seeing first hand what individuals want to do and what organizations need.

We’re a nonprofit that not only enables community service but also provides, connects, fundraises, markets and more. An organization that serves the individual in need, the individual that wants to help, the local non-profit, the small business owner, area civic partners and anyone else willing to help.

We’ll achieve this through our volunteer programs, events management, education initiative, shop local retail line and more. When special people are paired with special opportunities, moments happen. Discovery happens. Transformation happens.

Uncover KC provides opportunities to see a part of your city that you didn’t know existed. To discover new people, places, nonprofits and businesses, all in the city you call home. So uncover your calling…uncover your city…Uncover KC.

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