Why I Care: Taylor Holmes

Taylor Holmes is serving as a 2018 summer intern for Uncover KC.

Everyone endures their own plethora of difficulty in their lifetime. It varies from rejections and traumatic experiences to health scares and evictions.

I have learned that no one has a right to judge the path of another and that we must do all we can to help our peers. Those are lessons I have learned from volunteering.

I was taught from a young age to be giving of my time and knowledge. I started volunteering in church, then with my school and then on my own. I did so because it was fun. Volunteering gave me a chance to organize and connect with new people. It wasn’t until I was older that I realized the depth of impact that comes with community service.

This epiphany happened while I was working at Giving The Basics. One of the many services this organizations provides are hygiene products to families who can’t afford them. Even though the government helps out with groceries, in many cases families still cannot afford other necessities.

The humanity this organization provides for families across the metro was heartwarming. They provided ethnic hair products to communities of color and they made sure the students who retrieved the items were not embarrassed or single-outed at school. I realized that it took hundreds of me to help hundreds of those in need and that is how the world should work.

Taylor Holmes is serving as a 2018 summer intern for Uncover KC.

Volunteering provides opportunities to help others feel normal despite whatever issues or difficulties they may be experiencing. It also breaks the barriers of judgment and ridicule.

Seeing and hearing about the lives of others through firsthand interactions provides empathy, which allows me the ability to gift normality to someone else. Working with Uncover KC has allowed me to experience just that, as well as help others do the same.

Uncover KC is a limitless organization because they not only help those who are hungry, homeless and need assistance, but they also work to change the lives of the already blessed people like myself. People who need to understand the importance of helping others in their difficult seasons, not only for self-gratification, but also for the greater community and humanity of Kansas City.

Why I Care: Taylor Holmes Consultation

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