New development director launches UKC Monthly Giving Club

Hello from the Uncover KC Development Committee! My name is Dee Dee Lowland and I joined the UKC family as co-Development Director back in February 2019.

Over the past months I have been gleaning as much knowledge as I can about the organization. Here’s what I’ve learned so far: Brent, his team and all those involved or supporting UKC have much to be proud of, yet everyone recognizes there’s still much to do.

Dee Dee Lowland has over 40 years of experience in the nonprofit field.

Dee Dee Lowland has over 40 years of experience in the nonprofit field.

Helping people uncover their passions and get involved in the community is a wonderful mission. One in which I’m very excited and committed to make happen. Thus, I’m here to help raise the money needed to support and further those aspirations.

I’ve been in the nonprofit arena for over 40 years. I was Vice-President of Field Services for The National Office of The ALS Association (Lou Gehrig’s disease) for more than 20 years and helped grow the organization’s chapter network from 5 to 40. Much of that required building resources. I welcome the opportunity to help this organization do the same.

I’ll be reaching out so that I can personally thank you for your interest in UKC, as well as to learn more about your personal journey and why you got involved. I will also be sharing exciting plans we have for the future, and of course, I will be anxious to talk about how you can further help those initiatives. We need all the resources we can get and you play an important role in that — your input and support will be invaluable to our success.

One of the first things we’ll be doing, in an effort to sustain and expand our Discovery Education Program, will be initiating a Monthly Giving Club. This is an easy opportunity for donors to have a big impact. Rather than donating one large gift, the Monthly Giving Club allows you to give a comfortable, predetermined amount each month. We can then count on that funding in our annual planning and you will find it easier on your bank statements. More info to come but if you’d like to get started now, please email me at [email protected].

Besides that, if you have any questions, I’d be happy to meet in person or by phone. Please remember — I’m always here for you because you are what keeps Uncover KC moving ahead!


Dee Dee Lowland ([email protected], 913-638-2460)


Monthly Giving Club


$10 GIFTS x 10 PEOPLE = $100



Come join us on Saturday, March 30 for our annual signature event – a photo scavenger hunt in downtown KC. All funds help provide grants for our experiential learning programs.

New development director launches UKC Monthly Giving Club Consultation

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