How Your Business Owner, HR Department Can Support Uncover KC

Thirty minutes of your time. That’s all you need to help us out in a big way.

One of our supporters, Doug DeLisser, has presented Uncover KC the opportunity to participate in a community incentive program. The idea is simple: have an initial meeting or coffee to connect/network and then his company, Insperity, will donate $200 to UKC. It’s really that easy.

By sitting down for this 30-minute coffee, you can help fund our education programs — where $200 will underwrite a full year of service learning for 4 entire classes — grow your network and maybe even find some HR solutions (if you need them). And if you don’t, then all you did was make a new connection and help more than 100 students participate in our community service program.

Even better news is that if you do eventually work with Insperity, UKC will receive another $2,000 donation. All that impact, simply by going through our community referral process.

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There are not strings, nor hidden agendas. It’s straightforward networking and connecting. The beautiful part is that UKC and the youth we work with benefit just as much or more from you giving 30 minutes of your time.

If you’d like to learn more about Insperity, a CPEO (Certified Professional Employer Organization) that provides HR services to help small to medium-sized businesses, or Doug, click on the box below. And if you’re already in the networking mood, use the same box to sign-up.

Insperity Community Incentive Program



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How Your Business Owner, HR Department Can Support Uncover KC Consultation

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