Help Solve Kansas City’s Digital Crisis

Every person deserves reliable and affordable digital access


Digital equity is a major problem in our community. Today the internet is required for most of life’s basic needs like applying for jobs, accessing health benefits or getting an education.

Many people in Kansas City, especially children, are being excluded from these digital resources. Even before COVID-19, a majority of Kansas City youth and adults — especially in marginalized communities — had no access to internet or digital devices at home.

“70% of children in the Kansas City School District do not have internet access in the home.” KC Coalition for Digital Inclusion

Now, as the pandemic continues to rage on, our society is even more fragmented and physically disconnected. This fact is making the ownership of a digital device with internet access that much more vital to a person’s economic survival and self-determination.

How you can be a part of the solution

To help provide community solutions, Uncover KC has been chosen to run the Digital Equity Task Force by the KC Coalition for Digital Inclusion and partially underwritten by the William T. Kemper Foundation – Commerce Bank, Trustee. This cross-sector collaboration is working to help children and adults gain access to reliable devices, while also connecting them to necessary resources and affordable services.

Our partners include:

However, current funding can only cover a fraction of the work’s cost. To help bridge this gap, we’ve created a simple way to support. Please consider joining our Digital Equity Giving Circle. This group includes other individuals willing to pool together their donations and directly support our efforts in solving Kansas City’s Digital Crisis.

When you donate to UKC this giving season, you’ll be helping us work towards ensuring everyone — no matter race, location or economic status — has access to reliable and affordable digital resources.



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