Tired. That one word describes perfectly how our bodies felt after volunteering with the Newhouse Shelter at this year’s great Midwest Balloon Festival.

As you can tell by the lack of pictures — and quality (I’m sorry) — we were quite busy with the bouncy houses inside the festival’s Kidzone. For nearly four hours we operated the inflatable jungle gyms where the lines never seemed to stop growing. I was so beat I even forgot to get a group shot afterwards. Yet in truth, we all agreed that the outing was highly entertaining. There’s really nothing like watching a kid go crazy inside the confides of a small plastic box for 30 to 60 seconds. Honestly, it made me miss being an 8-year-old and on top of a portable-generator world.

In the end, it was a great event and the best part was that we got to help our friends over at the Newhouse Shelter. Because of that simple fact, we can’t wait until next year.