I stood in the back of The Tank Room and tried to see the stage, though various body parts and appendages got in the way. I could pick out the top of a speaker on the left, bright lights twirling above and a few people trickling in at the front door on the right.

But I couldn’t see the band — and it made me smile.

Since August, our board of directors and staffers had been working towards this night. From scheduling bands to lining up the venue and sponsors to marketing the crap out of the event. And for one frozen second, in the back of a darkened concert hall packed with people and music, I realized just what we accomplished.

On Nov. 19, The Call Kansas City held its first ever Benefit Concert.For three hours, we had over 110 people come through the doors at The Tank Room to support our cause and hear some great bands — opener Odd Harmona and then headliner Enrique and Diego Che of Making Movies.

Throughout the night, we sold T-shirts and raffle tickets to help raise funds for our cause — $1,746 to be exact. Thanks to an amazing donation from 96.5 The Buzz and The Aladdin Hotel, we were able to raffle off 4 tickets to The Night The Buzz Stole Xmas: Night 1 plus a free night stay right next door with parking and breakfast. On top of that, Santa Fe Brewing Company donated free beer, which made for a lot of happy people.

In the end, the numbers made us all pretty ecstatic:

  • 110-115 attendees
  • $1,746 raised
  • 1 concert under our belts

I need to thank our sponsors: The Tank Room, Santa Fe Brewing Company, 96.5 The Buzz and The Aladdin Hotel. I need to thank the bands: Odd Harmona and Making Movies. I need to thank our Board of Directors and staffers who worked tirelessly to make this even happen. And I need to thank ya’ll reading this right now, for without your support, there is no Call KC.

I stood in the back of that concert venue and smiled because our dream is becoming a reality. A volunteer renaissance, a movement that creates love and positive impact for our communities by serving others, is actually happening and not just happening — but growing. I smiled because we’re on a journey, one that’s nowhere close to being over, and that’s the best part.

I smiled because I felt loved, and for that, I thank you all from the bottom of my heart.