Morning Glory Ministries

Overland Trails Elementary decorate bags for Morning Glory

On Oct. 6, 2015, the students at Overland Trails Elementary decorated donation bags for the homeless at Morning Glory Ministries.

Socktober 2015 has begun!


There's nearly 3.5 million homeless people currently in the United States. That means thousands upon thousands of Americans sleeping in parks, cars or wherever else they can find shelter.

With winter on the horizon, most of these individuals and families — including children — will have to bare the coming months outside in the cold. While the majority of us have heated homes, these less fortunate are just trying to find a place to survive the night. It can be the difference between life or death.

For that reason, The Call Kansas City is proud to announce it'll be holding its annual Socktober campaign for the third straight year.

Inspired by Kid President, we'll be collecting packages of new socks throughout the month of October to donate to local homeless shelters in downtown Kansas City. Over the last two years, we've collected and donated over 600 pairs of new socks plus 1,200 items of clothing to charities such as City Union Mission, ReStart, Morning Glory Cafe and more. While these donations alone won't stop homeless, they may just help save a life — or more — this winter.

So the next time you're at the store, grab a package of new socks and contact us at to arrange a pick-up date — it's that easy! Also, if you'd like to orchestrate a sock drive through your work, school or church, please let us know. This is a great and easy way to get everyone involved. Happy Socktober!


The comments tell the tale.

Just want to thank you again for being here today. You guys were awesome! I look forward to working with you again next month and hopefully even sooner than that.

Brent… Seriously… These guys were awesome!

The email came from Gillis’ coordinator Jennifer Hurst on Dec. 11, 2014, mere hours after Mary Cygan and her Rockhill Insurance coworkers had helped staff the children organization’s holiday gift gallery for six and half hours. Two days later, Cygan and her family (10 strong) visited Morning Glory Ministries to help feed the homeless.

We loved Gillis and we loved working with Pete to feed the homeless. It felt so good to give back…thanks so much for making that happen for us.

Friends, this is why we do this. Those comments represent the heart of what we’re striving to create. So much good comes from one person helping another, and it positively affects all involved. The impact can be life changing, and if we as a city can just care a little bit more about someone else, imagine what we could accomplish. It’s a movement. It’s real. It’s love.

Our impact stats as of Dec. 17, 2014: 34 different KC charities assisted by 448 individual volunteers for a grand total of 1,331.5 service hours since April 2014.


Seven days and as many new pairs of socks that we can acquire — that’s the goal for Socktober 2014.

Last year we orchestrated our first ever clothes drive throughout the month of October, with the focus solely on acquiring new pairs of socks for three area homeless shelters. The inspiration came from Kid President and the result was beyond amazing. We collected more than 1,200 pieces of clothing, 600 which were new pairs of socks.

This year, due to the lack of sponsorship, we weren’t able to host such a large operation. But that won’t stop us from caring, oh no my friends.

Thus, for the next 7 days, we are officially proclaiming it Socktober once again in Kansas City. If you have it in your heart to go out and purchase a package of new socks for the homeless, please do so. We’ll arrange a pick-up by car, train or plane if need be and then deliver all the donations we can to Morning Glory Ministries. Four dollars, that’s all it’ll cost you to help keep someone warm this winter.

So, if you are willing to join us for our 2nd Annual Socktober Sock Drive, please email to schedule a drop-off time. And spread the word that for the next week, it’s nothing but Royals baseball and socks for the homeless.

Kansas City, let’s do something amazing.