What has been in the works for a while officially came to fruition in early December 2013.

We here at The Call KC are proud to announce that the organization has entered into an exclusive partnership with VolunteerMark, a software company that is working towards maximizing the overall experience for both nonprofits and volunteers alike.

Through innovative and interactive technology, VolunteerMark is seeking to streamline the management of community organizations, thus making it easier for people like you and me to get involved.

In essence, VolunteerMark is ushering volunteerism into the 21st century.

Once we heard of the product and surveyed it firsthand — via desktop, cell phone and tablet — the connection became obvious. The implications of this management system would and will greatly enhance the impact we have on the needy of Kansas City, which is the whole point of this organization’s existence.

Therefore, thanks to the open minds and hearts of VolunteerMark’s founders Andrew Stanley and Venkat Dulipalli, we are happy to announce this newest partnership.

To start maximizing your volunteer experience today, sign up for an event right now or contact us for more info.


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