Children’s Services Fund of Jackson County

I think we can all agree this year’s political cycle has been a circus, and by no means do we here at The Call KC plan to become a part of it.

However, when projects of noteworthiness come across our desk that affect the local nonprofit community, we want to share the word. So, without endorsing nor denouncing a vote for this upcoming measure, please take a second to learn about the Children’s Services Fund of Jackson County.

Currently, there are two statutes in Missouri that allow counties to pass either a retail sales tax (Section 67.1775) or a property tax (Section 210.860) to establish a Children’s Service Fund, which is used to provide supportive services for at-risk children and youth.

Seven counties in Missouri have so far passed a sales taxes to establish such Children’s Service Funds, with those funds assisting an array of services aimed at the following:

  • Reducing child abuse and neglect
  • Helping families regain housing and stability
  • Creating positive outcomes that enable children and youth to become productive members of their community

On Tuesday, Nov. 8, Jackson County residents will have their own opportunity to vote on a 1/8th cent sales tax that would create the Children’s Services Fund of Jackson County. If passed, for every $8 spent in the county, one penny would go towards this fund.

A committee comprised of non-agency, non-political volunteers will oversee the distribution of these funds and the fund will not be directed by the government. The committee will distribute funds to organizations actively working to strengthen and protect at-risk children and youth from birth to age 19 in Jackson County. Charities such as Gillis, Marillac, Synergy Services, Catholic Charities, CASA, Jewish Family Services, Rose Brooks and The Hope House — all organizations our volunteers have served in the past — will all be impacted.

To learn more about the ballot initiative, visit the Jackson County Election Board. Again, we pass this along in neither support nor condemnation, but simply to inform. Happy voting!

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Children’s Services Fund of Jackson County Consultation

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