Spread the Warmth: Socktober 2021

As the leaves change, so does the weather. Whilst many of us have the means to stay warm, the less fortunate in Kansas City need our donations to keep warm this time of year.


To support the community, Uncover KC will once again be hosting Socktober, an annual sock drive that takes place all throughout October to give people a chance to provide necessities to the home insecure. One donation of a pair of socks could make a world of difference to someone in need this season.


Participation is a simple process — click the sign-up button below to be notified of your local partnering organization and collect new socks or other clothing items over the next month. 


At the end of the month, Uncover KC will assist you with delivery options you can drop your donations off to. It’s pretty effortless!


Spread the word by encouraging teachers to put a box outside of their classroom or offer to start a collection with a religious group you may be involved in. Let coworkers, family, and friends be aware of this opportunity.


Sign-up below and take part in serving your community this winter!

Spread the Warmth: Socktober 2021 Consultation

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