Learn, Explore, Visit: 5 Great History Field Trips in Kansas City

From the National World War I Museum to the Black Archives of Mid-America, Kansas City is home to a wide variety of excellent museums and institutions concerning historical events, both locally and internationally.


You’ll find info on those and several other field trips below as we explore the history and culture of Kansas City and beyond. Hopefully, these experiences can help broaden the worldview of your students and introduce them to the importance of reflecting on the past, especially as a way of understanding the present. 


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Explore KC History Field Trip Options

The American Jazz Museum – Kansas City has a rich legacy of Jazz and is the birthplace of Charlie Parker. The museum has numerous exhibits with interactive elements and is a perfect place for a field trip. If your students are in middle or high school, you can also get them involved by signing up for the Kansas City Jazz Academy.

The National World War I Museum and Memorial – Kansas City is home to one of the premier museums about the First World War and includes many learning exhibits fit for all ages. They also include educational resources for teachers, including lesson plans.

KU Natural History Museum – Located in Lawrence, the KU Natural History museum would make a great all-day field-trip, and they have exhibits exploring not only prehistoric events and animals, they also have exhibits about the Great Plains, the environment and conservatism, for example Bugtown and Exploring Biodiversity.

Black Archives of Mid-America – The Black Archives of Mid-America would make a perfect half-day field trip. Located near 18th and Vine, the archives include an exhibit of the legacy and history of Black Americans in Kansas City, artwork, and archival materials. 

Truman Presidential Library and Museum – For a more civic-oriented experience, the Truman Presidential Library has many exhibits about the second world war, information about the structure and history of the U.S. government, and Truman’s legacy.

These are just a few opportunities available to learn more about the different cultures and history of the region. For more info on how Uncover KC can make your next field trip stress-free, visit uncoverkc.org/kc-field-trips.


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Learn, Explore, Visit: 5 Great History Field Trips in Kansas City Consultation

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