KC Field Trips

The purpose of KC Field Trips project is to ensure that every Kansas City student has meaningful, out-of-classroom learning experiences every year, inspiring interest and engagement in community and cultural institutions. To learn more about the research driving this project, click here.


To help make these field trips more accessible and meaningful for all students, KC Field Trips provides direct, person-to-person scheduling support for teachers and providers. The below resources and services are available to help you or your organization easily integrate field experiences into the classroom.

Trip Support

There can be many obstacles when scheduling a field trip, such as finding the time and capacity to locate and plan all necessary logistics. That’s where our trip support can help. After a brief consultation, UKC staff will curate field trip options for any interested educator. Trip guidance and logistics support also available as we walk the field trip path with you. Learn more about the entire process here.

Explorable places

Explorable Places makes it easy to research, discover, and book that perfect field trip. Through its online portal, educators and parents have a one-stop source to research and connect with cultural destinations. For providers, the platform will help attract and inform a larger community of visitors.

Experience Extensions

Field trips can supply more meaning when the experience goes beyond a single visit. Whether that’s in-class programs; mobile platforms like Clio that offer digital guides to historical and cultural sites; or volunteer opportunities that further develop the student bond, a myriad of options are available. Schedule a consultation to learn more.

SHare ideas

One of the best ways to develop new field experiences is through collaboration. Space for that can be found in the Heartland Learning Collaborative, a network that convenes and connects educators to make inclusive, inspiring and empowering civic learning the norm. Share, listen and invent together.

We Look forward to connecting with you

For general questions, please contact us at 816-721-5529 or [email protected].

We Look forward to connecting with you

KC Field Trips is made possible by the generous support of the William T. Kemper Foundation. For general questions, please contact us at 816-200-0432 or [email protected].

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