Earl Lawson’s 2023 Community Impact

When considering the most important ways for students to grow, learn, and benefit the communities they live in, service learning is unrivaled. It’s not always easy for schools to organize, plan, supervise, and execute service learning events while maintaining focus on the student’s academic progress. Uncover KC’s Discovery Education program can help teachers and schools by using our connections to facilitate community service events, volunteer outings, guest speakers, and innovative educational technology to foster student growth.


One of UKC’s educational partners, Earl Lawson Early Education Center, is located in Leavenworth, Kansas. The Earl Lawson team has been able to reach milestones in the many different service projects that have been conducted throughout the year. Check out what some of the projects were and the impact statistics of a few projects from 2023 below.



  1. Both the students and staff at Earl Lawson Early Education Center began the school year by participating in a service activity together. Twenty-five teachers and staff volunteered at Riverview Rescue, a local animal shelter. They walked dogs, put together bags, and helped do some necessary landscaping!
  2. During the fall semester, 758 students and staff in the Leavenworth school district volunteered over 2,300 hours as they created and donated different items to local community organizations. 
  3. Earl Lawson’s Kindergarten students learned about sports and created sporting signs. The teachers volunteered at the concession stand at Leavenworth High School’s first basketball game of the season on December 2nd. The students showed off their spirit signs at the game.


The kind of impact and influence Earl Lawson has made on both its students and community is everlasting. They’ve created immense social change for the Leavenworth area as a whole and learned about the many ways to impact their community. To be like Earl Lawson and help serve your community, school, or city, all that it takes is to schedule a consultation through Uncover KC’s website or email [email protected].


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Earl Lawson’s 2023 Community Impact Consultation

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