Local Girl Scouts fighting domestic abuse through March Underwearness

As we all know, the world isn't always safe. In the United States alone, an average of 20 people are physically abused by intimate partners every minute, with 1-in-3 being female. That equates to a woman being assaulted every nine seconds, totaling more than 10 million victims annually.

Thousands of shelters are set up across the country to serve these domestic violence victims. The shelters provide protected space, guidance and basic necessities. There's multiple ways to support your local shelters, and one of the biggest needs is new underwear.

To that end, the Girl Scout troops of NE Kansas and NW Missouri are collecting new pairs of underwear to help these causes. By spreading the word and raising awareness through their troops, schools and social media outlets, these scouts are creating a positive impact on their communities in multiple ways.

If you're an individual scout or a troop and would be interested in participating, please sign-up here. Once registered, you'll be assigned a woman's shelter in your local community to deliver the donations to after March 31. For more information, contact info@thecallkc.org.