Breaking Through — Uncover KC in 2018

It’s crazy how symbolic sunlight can be.

Whether it’s the first ray of a morning sunrise, the last stroke of a fading sunset or the simple crack in a darkened cloud, sunlight can represent so much. Hope, energy, life.

Recently for me, as I stared through the front bay windows of our Crossroads office, watching the final breathes of a late-December day shine across the glass facade of the Kauffman Center, it personified something tangible — success.

In so many ways, 2018 was a breakthrough year for us here at Uncover KC. We surpassed recruitment records across the board:

  • 19,186 volunteers recruited

  • 32,225 service hours with those volunteers

  • $796,602 saved for local nonprofits

Thanks to wonderful partners like Made In KC and the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation, among many others, we now have a permanent office in the heart of Kansas City and raised the most financial support in our six-year history.

We officially launched two service learning initiatives, the Discovery Education and Corporate Care programs, as well as continued to grow our court, church, civic and individual services. We added to our full-time and volunteer staff, in addition to overhauling our marketing and administration operations.

From a full-time home to increased financial and organizational security to ever-expanding impact, I can unequivocally say that 2018 was our best year yet.

And as watched that final ray of sunlight vanish last week, all I could think of was how blessed we are. Indisputably blessed in countless ways. Thank you so much to anyone and everyone who had any part in that. Whether it was time, treasure or talent, you helped us make genuine impact for the betterment of our city.

Again, it’s crazy how symbolic sunlight can be, especially because it happens every day of our lives. No matter the circumstance, the sun will breakthrough and shine upon us all. I can’t wait to see what, or better yet who, shines through for Uncover KC in 2019.

Here’s to another great year!


Brent Lager, president/founder