We listed a few of our upcoming volunteer opportunities late last week. Yet, just in case you don’t read all of our blog posts — I know, I can’t believe that either — here is another reminder. And it’s more official!

Our friends over at VolunteerMark released the below presser, so kudos should go to them. But, in an effort to shoulder some of the burden, we decided to share it.

Anyways, get off the couch and come help us help others in March.

Strength in numbers: VolunteerMark joining forces with YMCA, Central States Beverage Company, Wayside Waifs and others to improve community

Not often does a single person or organization achieve significant change by themselves. It usually takes a group of like-minded people coming together for the greater good.

To that extent, VolunteerMark is reaching out to other forces in the Kansas City area to improve its local communities. As a result, on Saturday, March 22, the volunteer management software staff will be joining up with employees from Central States Beverage Company and the Call Kansas City to volunteer at the Paws March for a Cause 4K.

The pet-friendly race will benefit Wayside Waifs, one of the premier pet adoption centers in the area, while Central States is among the top beverage distributors in the Midwest. The business has strong partnerships already with the likes of Sporting Kansas City, Intercom Radio and Boulevard Brewing Company.

The Call KC is a nonprofit organization that connects volunteer groups with local charities.

“The idea is that if all these large organizations and businesses can come together and work in the community, our city will only get stronger,” VolunteerMark CEO Andrew Stanley said.

Hosted by a University of Central Missouri student group, the animal shelter fundraiser will begin at 9 a.m. March 22 at historic Longview Farm Elementary in Lee’s Summit, Mo. Seventy-five percent of all proceeds will go to the betterment of Wayside Waifs.

While employees from all three organizations will be represented — Central States Beverage Company, VolunteerMark and The Call KC — the volunteer outing is also open to the public. Anyone wishing to join the cause and help out is more than welcome to do so.

Simply visit The Call KC organizational page at and click on the Paws March for a Cause 5K event, or follow this link. Shifts range from set-up at 7-9 a.m. to clean up from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m.

“I love the saying, ‘It takes a village,’” Call KC founder Brent Lager said. “That’s what we are trying to do here. Work together to make a bigger impact on our community.”


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