NCircle Using Food To Strengthen Families

There are many needs that go unmet for individuals or families dealing with the criminal justice system. From physical to emotional, housing to education, basic resources are just not often available for someone trying to break free from the cycle of incarceration.

To help provide a better support network, a group of volunteers in Johnson County, Kan. formed NCircle back in 2011. This grassroots nonprofit helps connect individuals and families impacted by the criminal justice system to the various stabilizing resources needed for future success.


One of those resources is family and food. NCircle, in conjunction with the Johnson County Department of Corrections, is seeking volunteers to help provide meals for clients of its Strengthening Families Program. Specifically, these family meals are needed between July 1 and Sept. 30 at the Pathways Community Church in Olathe.

The Strengthening Families Program is a 14-week series that begins each weekly session with quality family time between participants. Both a Corrections staff member and an NCircle volunteer facilitate the session, provide childcare and help prepare and serve dinner to families that are trying to become a more cohesive unit.

After we went through the Strengthening Families Program – it was night and day different from any other counseling we had been through before.— Jennifer, Program Graduate

Through this program, the nonprofit has helped over 120 Johnson County families improve their relationships and opportunities for future success.

If you’d like to provide a meal or become a NCircle volunteer, please visit or contact Lee Jost, Executive Director, at [email protected] or 913-214-1930.


NCircle Using Food To Strengthen Families Consultation

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