Why Invest in a Monthly Giving Club?

At Uncover KC, the donors at our monthly giving club make a huge impact by helping fund our educational programs, but that’s not all they do. 

Our giving club is made up of all different types of people, but each monthly donation represents someone invested in our mission. Those donations add up. Pooled together, they have enormous potential to carry community initiatives.

Giving circles began as a grassroots movement in the 80s, but the idea of collaborative giving certainly isn’t new; giving circles have been around in some form for centuries, spanning cultures all over the world. To date they’ve raised roughly $1.3 billion in donations, with over 150,000 engaged monthly donors. 


  • Giving clubs provide nonprofits a steady source of income. This support is especially critical during slow fundraising months.
  • Stable financing allows organizations to focus on their mission and devote more resources and time to their core operations.
  • The reliable funding from giving clubs often make it possible to jumpstart new programs or get an initiative off the ground.

The community benefit of giving clubs is clear; but what about for individuals? It might surprise you to learn that there are some pretty big benefits. 


 1. Convenience

Everyone would volunteer if they could (at least, we like to think so), but realistically, not many people have time to volunteer between their jobs, families, and other commitments. The beauty of giving financially is that it’s quick and easy. Once you’ve signed up to give monthly, you’re good to go. 

 2. Social benefits 

Joining a giving club is a great way to get more involved in your community and meet new people. By working towards a common goal through your philanthropy, you’ll have lots of opportunities to build social bonds with the other members of your circle. Many giving clubs also offer ample networking opportunities—at Uncover KC, our giving club receives invites to events, socials, and other member-only perks. 

 3. Accessibility  

Not everyone has the time, money, or lofty ambitions of starting their own charity or foundation, but anyone can start a giving club or circle. It can be as easy as gathering some friends to pool money towards a common cause. While some more formal clubs might have prerequisites, most have zero barrier to entry.

If there’s one thing monthly giving clubs show, it’s that anyone can make a difference in their community. Monthly giving is just one way individuals can leverage their passion and time to make an impact. 

If you’re passionate about education, you might be interested in joining Uncover KC’s giving club. Our giving club helps fund our experiential learning programs, which you can learn more about here. You can also start your own giving circle supporting one of our many programs–just gather a group of friends, contact us, and we’ll do the rest. 


Come join us on Saturday, March 30 for our annual signature event – a photo scavenger hunt in downtown KC. All funds help provide grants for our experiential learning programs.

Why Invest in a Monthly Giving Club? Consultation

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